PAYA Media Services Company

Paya Studio is a collective of media specialists with diverse skills. Established in 2019, alongside other Paya family teams, it initially consisted of 5 media enthusiasts. Presently, the team has grown to include over 80 active members with varying expertise. From the very beginning, our objective has been to infuse creativity into our work, ensuring that we produce projects we can take pride in and enjoy revisiting even after delivering them to clients. At Paya Studio, we have developed our own unique storytelling style. Our team comprises current and former members of esteemed international media organizations, and the existence of this network has fostered increased communication and diversity in content production formats.

Available production formats:

We offer a wide range of production formats that enable us to reach audiences with different preferences, genders, and ages across various platforms. This diversity in services allows for seamless implementation of both large-scale projects and micro-media endeavors, which we have successfully achieved at Paya Studio.


  • Digital illustration and character design.
  •  Poster.
  •  Infographic.
  •  Photo with text.
  •  Video story.
  •  Scroll slide post.
  •  Video comment.
  •  Video cast.
  •  Narration.
  •  Podcast.
  •  Audiobook.
  • Documentary.
  • Teaser.
  • PSA (Public Service Announcement).
  • Voxpop (Voice of the People).
  • Watchtower (Observation Tower).
  • Music video.
  • Motion graphics.
  • Execution of live broadcast projects.
  • Execution of internet TV projects.
  • Comic and motion comic.
  • 2D animation.
  • Cartoon.

Other services:

At Paya Media, we have the capability to offer services in the media industry in addition to our production and technical operations. Some of our activities in this field include:

  • Providing specialized training courses for both basic and advanced arts and media.
  • Conducting Osint and research projects.
  • Creating micro-media with a focus on team building.
  • Offering consulting, auditing, and designing media plans.
  •  Designing tailored scenarios based on the psychology of the target audience.
  •  Establishing a dedicated distribution network for the target audience.

Special capacities of Paya Studio:

What sets us apart is the presence of a professional mobileography team, which has allowed us to create a unique structure within the media field. Since its establishment in 2020, this team has shared their experiences with numerous other organizations. Their strengths lie in their quick action, high quality output, cost-effectiveness, and 24/7 access to production capabilities. This has further enhanced Paya’s potential alongside our other units.

Idea development team:

  • Our idea development team within Paya’s media group contributes to presenting visually appealing content with captivating narratives to our audience. This structure enables us to create viral content, foster creativity, and reduce costs.
  • Internal and international communication network:
  • Considering the diverse activities of Paya members in various domestic and international media organizations, we have established a network of communication and expertise.
  • Diversity of services at different levels:
  • The varied skills within our team allow us to provide services at different levels and price points, ensuring that every organization can receive services tailored to their specific needs from Paya.
  • Please feel free to contact us through the communication channels available on our website for consultation and more information.